Master's programme

Mathematics has become a vastly diverse subject over history and it has become impossible to have a basic knowledge of all mathemathematical disciplines. In addition, mathematicians are employed in a variety of sectors. Therefore, you have a large freedom of choice as mathematical mature master student in putting together your subjects.

The programme (120 ECTS) is taught in Dutch, but it is open for English speaking students, with facilities.

Details of all the courses can be found in the programme catalogue.

Admission requirements 


  • For non-Flemish degrees:

the course is open to students with at least a Bachelor degree in the field of mathematics with minimum 180 credits.

  • For Flemish degrees:

the list of degrees giving access to this master can be consulted in the online programme catalogue.


Check the language requirements.



Major (30 STP) Minor (30 STP)

To start, choose a major, indicating where your interests lie within the mathematics. The choices are:

  1. Pure mathematics
  2. Mathematical Physics
  3. Applied Mathematics

On the basis of five advanced courses (30 credits), you will be brought to a high level of knowledge and competences.

Independent of the choice of the major, each student also selects a minor. This broadening trajectory prepares you to find a job at the labour market. The following minors are offered:

  • Research
  • Economics and insurances
  • Education

Specifically, one selects courses for a total of 30 study points from a given list. (More information about the different minors)

Masters dissertation (30 STP) Elective courses (30 STP)

In the second year of the master programme you are doing mathematical research and write a master's thesis. This is 30 credits. (More information)

The remaining 30 course credits are filled with electives, to private interests. Eighteen are to be spent to mathematics courses. (More information)