Datum: 26/4/2019
Tijd: 14:30

Segal-Bargmann transformations on superspaces

The classical Segal-Bargmann is an integral transform between the Schrödinger space of square-integrable functions and the Fock space of holomorphic functions.
In recent works the Segal-Bargmann transform was reinterpreted as an intertwining operator between realisations on the Schrödinger and the Fock space of the minimal representation of a Lie algebra. In this talk I will give a generalisation of this approach to superspaces in order to obtain a Segal-Bargmann transform as an integral transform that intertwines the Schrödinger and Fock model for the orthosymplectic Lie superalgebra osp(p,2|2n)

Plaats: room 3.2, S8
Organisator: Sam Claerebout